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  • Minimum investment
  • Generous benefits
  • Free schedule
  • No bosses
  • International Business
  • Additional income
  • Basic earnings
  • A business that can be inherited
  • Unique step by step learning
  • Proven business model
  • Turnkey Action System
  • Paid Travel

One of our main goals can be regarded as providing ISIF Independent Representatives all around the world the necessary tools to improve their welfare and the well-being of other people.

Today ISIF is:

    • A company, working in the Home Business industry, one of the fastest growing industries in the world, increasing its volume despite the global financial crisis. The Home Business industry turnover for the last 3 years increased from 114 billion dollars in 2007 to 138 billion dollars in 2009.
    • A company that has created a unique, personalized Drive To Wealth education, access to which can be obtained from anywhere in the world and through which any ISIF Independent Representative is able to develop their professional and personal skills. The ISIF School has attracted dozens of world-renowned authors, trainers and teachers to teach its students. The activities of the School were highly appreciated and recognized by the European Association of Business Education, which in September 2010 included ISIF in their ranks.
    • A company that helps people to lead healthy lives, works with a team of scientists, nutritionists, doctors and biologists from France who have been working for more than 30 years to develop Feel Well Now program — the golden standard in food, by which the ISIF Independent Representatives, as well as their clients, throughout Europe and in dozens of other countries can improve their health, get more energy, find true longevity and a healthy weight. The unique product line Feel Well Now with a fresh flavor is created based on premium natural ingredients with strict compliance with European and international regulations.
    • A company that provides opportunities for the development of international business, which has already benefited ISIF Independent Representatives from around the world. Thousands of people from dozens of countries have linked their professional lives to ISIF. ISIF Independent Representatives create a company for themselves and their family as an additional or primary source of income, work part-time or full-time, independently control the time and place of work. ISIF provides its Independent Representatives a step by step training system, as well as all the necessary tools to develop a home business.
    • The company has a modern and generous payment plan, in which more than 62% of turnover is paid to the accounts of ISIF Independent Representatives.
    • A company that helps people to lead an amazing lifestyle with the help of special travel programs worldwide. This is possible due to the fact that at least twice a year ISIF pays for recreation and learning in the best parts of the world for hundreds of the most successful ISIF Independent Representatives. In addition there are hundreds of intelligent training clubs organized by the ISIF Leaders and Trainers every week opening their doors to thousands of people around the world.