GMT 23/10/2017 21:33

Konstantin Nikulin and Yulia Nikulina
Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Yulia and Konstantin Nikulin here. We want to take this opportunity to share our ISIF story with you!

We are both really interested in positive thinking and psychology. We are always trying to improve ourselves, and so we attend lots of training sessions and seminars.

Before coming to ISIF, I earned two degrees (one technical degree and the other in psychology) and worked as a business trainer in several companies. This profession suited me well, as I’m interested in constantly improving and I’m a real people person.

My wife, Yulia, was a professional ballroom dancer for 10 years. This helps explain why she is such a disciplined, driven, and responsible person. Yulia has been into design since she was little, and she finds an outlet for this passion on our blog.

We’ve always been ambitious people. We want to get the most out of life! We felt that there has to be a way to achieve financial independence that is suitable for everyone.

We met someone who told us about the business opportunities offered by ISIF. It was probably our positive thinking and our openness that drew this person into our lives. We quickly made up our minds after we saw how progressive and accessible MLM is for anyone who wants to establish a source of passive income. MLM was a perfect fit for us.

As soon as we started working with ISIF we were greeted with great opportunities for self-development. Just calling a prospect was difficult and nerve-wracking at first. But we had a clear understanding of our goals and the desire to succeed, and this helped us make progress.

We came to see that the people here, like in any company, achieve success not just because of the tools they are given to work with, but because they are encouraged to change themselves and to develop the habits of successful people. You can’t just sit back and wait, hoping that a leader will join your team or the team will start to coalesce all by itself. This is an illusion. You won’t be able to sustain faith in your eventual success unless spend time every day working on your own personal and professional development. Constantly hone your skills and habits!

At ISIF we discovered a special world filled with successful people! We were given the opportunity to learn from leaders and the best teachers in the world! We achieved more freedom in our finances, our work, our travels, and our lives in general!

Most importantly, we have a wonderful gift to give all of our friends and acquaintances-the same opportunity to improve their lives that we were given. This is a source of great joy and happiness in our lives!

Konstantin Nikulin and Yulia Nikulina