GMT 13/12/2017 03:09

Andrey Vedenyev
Moscow, Russia

Before I got involved in the MLM business, I worked at an oil company. I made good money, even by Moscow standards, but that was really the only upside to the job.

I went to work every morning, but didn’t really know what for. I would have much preferred to read books on business and self-improvement than oil industry literature.

Before I joined the MLM business, I had been reading the books of Kiyosaki and Sheffer for a few years, and looking for an opportunity to start my own business.

Actually, I had been invited to join the MLM business when I was 20, but I wasn’t ready at the time.

Now things have changed. It was at a sales training seminar where I met my sponsor, who was able to really explain the MLM business to me.

I couldn’t sleep for weeks. I was brimming with energy.

A year and a half after I was introduced to MLM, I quit my job and decided I needed to start working on myself.

This was on February 3, 2007 — my birthday.

But as it turned out, it’s not enough simply to have the energy I needed to succeed, and for the first few years with MLM I didn’t see any results.

Partners came and went, but I wasn’t able to set up anything stable.

The situation hadn’t changed by the time I got to ISIF. At first, I was just marching in place. I wasn’t seeing any notable results.

But I was interested in the process of setting up a business itself, so I never even considered abandoning my plans.

At this stage, it was the support of my wife, Elena Grezina, with whom I am building my business now, that proved crucial.

We decided at one point that we needed a step-by-step system for starting a business — one that our partners can follow too. And so we dove headfirst into creating one.

We spent six months fine-tuning it. When it was complete, we finally started seeing real results.

We neglected the motivational aspect of the business, and focused instead on developing instruments.

Success started to come when our business struck the right balance and the step-by-step system was in place.

At ISIF, I found the opportunity to create the kind of life I wanted to lead.

I love to learn. In the past, I spent hundreds of dollars on various training sessions to try to improve myself ($500–600 for a three-day training seminar is typical for Moscow).

Now I can use this money to study and even to make money.

Now, with the help of ISIF’s educational products and a clear step-by-step program, I have gained the confidence that I can help hundreds of thousands of people achieve financial freedom.

ISIF helped me lead a life that I find pleasurable.

We travel with our team around the world. For example, in October 2009 we will spend a whole month building a business in Montenegro.

Now my inner circle includes only positive and successful people. We get each other; we speak the same language.

I know that with each and every year there will be more and more people in our team.

Andrey Vedenyev