GMT 23/10/2017 21:33

Danil Arslanov and Anna Polyakova
Saint Petersburg, Russia

We’ve tried our hand at different professions and we’ve experienced success in all of them.

We’ve both been sports nuts from a young age. I’m into spelunking and Anna likes mountain climbing. Neither activity is for the faint of heart, I might add. We opened a store, and then we fulfilled Anna’s dream of opening an upscale leather design boutique (she studied design).

All in all, we founded three success enterprises. The final project combined our love of skiing and our desire to live at a more relaxing pace and have a family business. We have four children, and we really wanted our business to bring us together. We started building our sports complex/sanitarium near a well-known ski resort.

But trying to run a traditional business didn’t allow us the opportunity to spend as much time with our children as we had wanted.

We were always looking for ways to realize our potential and our dreams.

We examined lots of different business models, and eventually looked into Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). We were very interested in this model, and so we studied it in greater detail.

What we found was that MLM offers lots of advantages over traditional businesses. We decided right away that if we’re going to build a business in a network company, then it has to be the best. We saw the enormous potential of this business and we wanted to take advantage of everything it has to offer. We sold all our businesses and focused solely on building our own team of kindred minds with whom we’d be able to meet our goals. The rewarding part, though, was that our kids quickly recognized the advantages of this business and followed in our footsteps.

We grasped the main laws and principles of MLM immediately, and set about choosing a company. It’s always important what kind of people we are conducting business with. Our mentors at ISIF turned out to be wonderful people: Genrikh Erdman, Dmitry Klubnichkin, and Alexander Mochalov.

We saw that there was a huge opportunity to expand ISIF and so we adopted this business as our own. Its potential is practically unlimited.

Of course, our past life experiences helped us to achieve the success that we did. We were in charge of big staffs at our businesses, and we were accustomed to working with people. An important element of any business is your system. And we saw a real system in place at ISIF. What’s more, we helped implement it.

We recognized that the main principle of MLM is to help people and share opportunities with them. The challenge we set for ourselves was to turn 100 people into millionaires making over a million dollars annually in 10 years time. This challenge is a great motivator!

We led an eventful life and saw a lot of things before, and still ISIF introduced us to a lot that was new. We experienced completely new relationships between people. Everyone here has an interest in everyone else’s success. The company itself has an interest in your success. The main task of the mentors is to increase the checks received by their team members.

We saw a completely new kind of lifestyle, and started to live it ourselves. We started to travel more. We made lots of friends in different cities and countries around the world, and they are always glad when we pay them a visit.

This is a remarkable business!

When we think about our future and the future of our children, who are also working with ISIF, we feel truly content and happy. And we want to share this happiness with other! That’s another secret to our success!

Danil Arslanov and Anna Polyakova