GMT 13/12/2017 03:07

ISIF opened in Great Britain in 2008. First clients and entrepreneurs from countries around the world became the founders of ISIF.

Our goal is to help millions of people around the world become the masters of their own lives, ensure their financial future and the financial future of their children, and live healthy and interesting lives.

Best products

ISIF takes special care in controlling the quality of the products and services we offer, selecting only the best available products on the market.

The products and services offered by ISIF are created with the aid of the some of the world’s leading companies, such as SkillSoft, Bariatrix, Mountainview Learning and many others.

At this time, clients and Representatives of more than 50 countries around the world use ISIF products and services.

Best education

ISIF has the most modern training system and invites leading trainers from around the world to advance the skills of our Representatives, such as Robin Sharma, sir John Whitmore, Don Failla and many others.

The ISIF School, which trains Representatives and many clients of our company, is a Member of the European Council for Business Education.

Best opportunities

ISIF pays its Partners more than 70% from the total volume of sales, which grow each year.

ISIF has a promotion program that offers free trips to places around the world for its Representatives.

ISIF team members always think about our Representatives and ensure that our Partners have comfortable working conditions, modern technology, quality education, timely support and a high income.